About us

Located at the political heart of Berlin, we represent your interests in the laboratory sector. In doing so, we are tradition-conscious, with our sights set firmly on the future.


Our mission is to promote and represent the general professional and commercial interests of the wholesale and foreign trade sector for nursing and laboratory supplies. To this end, we provide our members with a powerful platform. The VGKL informs and advises its members, offering them a means of directly communicating with each other and representing their political interests. Our work is driven and sustained by the committed collaboration of our members working towards a common goal. Without the active commitment of our members, the VGKL’s successful activities would not be possible. The annual VGKL conferences feature as a highlight of the VGKL’s work. The conferences offer all member companies an opportunity to establish and maintain direct contacts with decision-makers in an exclusive environment.

The VGKL represents around 140 companies active in the laboratory sector. The Association not only focuses on wholesalers and the specialist trade, but also welcomes manufacturers of laboratory supplies as members. Consequently, the activities of our members are as multifaceted as their locations. Our member companies – whether in Finland, Germany or Spain – offer their customers more than the conventional B2B exchange. Providing highly innovative products and laboratory solutions, our members are established small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are successfully active on the regional, national and international markets.

As a professional association, the VGKL is a member of the German Association of Wholesale, Foreign Trade, Services (BGA). Its head office, in fact, is located in the premises of the BGA’s Trade – Services – Tourism Building in Berlin.

The structure of the VGKL

In order enrich and promote its work, the VGKL has set up a number of significant institutions and undertakes a wealth of activities. Over time, new activities have repeatedly been added, while older ones have been discontinued.

Executive Board & committees

The Executive Board of the VGKL manages the Association and represents the interests of its members. It is elected by the General Assembly and comprises five members, who work on an unsalaried basis.


Status: December 2020

Markus Riemer, Chair
Managing Director, Wagner & Munz GmbH
Peter Hassa, Deputy Chair
Managing Director, Werner Hassa GmbH
Raphael DeVol, 1st Observer
Managing Director, Schlee GmbH & Co. Glasinstrumententechnik + Laborbedarf
Michael Kummer, 2nd Observer
Managing Director, Bruno Kummer GmbH
Thomas Pilz, 3rd Observer
Managing Director, Labor-Pilz Labor- und Industriebedarf e.K.


The Executive Board is responsible for day-to-day operations and meeting the VGKL’s responsibilities. These include, in particular, supporting its members, setting up and organizing committees and events, as well as representing its members’ political interests.


Dr. Andreas Rademachers
Managing Director
Claudia Koberg
Assistant to the Managing Director
Nadin Hübner
Assistant to the Managing Director


Our organizational chart
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The history of the VGKL

Like other associations, the Association of Wholesale and Foreign Trade in Nursing and Laboratory Supplies (VGKL) can look back on a long history. Its predecessor organization, the Working Group for Nursing and Laboratory Supplies, was founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1947. The year 1950 saw the decision to convert the working group into an association and to enter VGKL in the register of associations. By 1955 the association already counted 106 companies among its members. In 1959 the association published the first illustrated Laboratory Catalogue with a circulation of 25,000 copies. Starting in 1960, the VGKL also opened up membership to companies from German-speaking countries. The organization has repeatedly initiated collaboration with other European trade associations, for example in France, Belgium and England. Initially, VGKL served mainly as an umbrella organization for affiliated state associations. From the mid-1970s, however, the membership structure changed to include individual members as well.

With the decision to also welcome manufacturers as members, the VGKL once again demonstrated foresight and future viability. The manufacturer members now form an important part of the VGKL’s activities. This cooperation strengthens mutual understanding and reflects the VGKL’s key importance for the sector.

Preparations are now underway at VGKL to secure its digital future.