The VGKL’s strength lies in its extensive network and access to a broad range of issues and topics. Why not benefit too?


Through its members the VGKL network not only bundles sector-wide expertise. Thanks to additional long-standing partners the association enables access to topics in a breadth and depth that significantly benefits its members.

As a professional association, the VGKL is a member of the German Association of Wholesale, Foreign Trade, Services (BGA). The BGA acts as an umbrella organisation, representing a sector comprising around 125,000 German companies. Moreover, the BGA is a member of over 100 German economic organisations – for example the Joint Committee of German Commercial Industry, the Confederation of German Employers' Associations, the SMEs Working Group and the European Economic and Social Committee, to name but a few.
The VGKL has access to the political arena in Brussels through its membership in EuroCommerce, the European trade association, which represents the interests of the wholesale and foreign trade at the European level, for example vis à vis EU institutions. With members in over 30 countries, the VGKL has a powerful network at its disposal.
Perform GmbH, headquartered in Rossdorf, is a partner of the VGKL for LABOSOFT 2015, a joint sector-specific software program. The VGKL values its trusting partnership with Perform, which extends back to the 1990s.

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