VGKL Services

1. Laboratory catalogue and price list service

The VGKL commissions a laboratory catalogue for its members. This gives a comprehensive description of what's on offer in the sector of laboratory devices and laboratory consumables. A company called Mydata is contracted to update catalogue-dates and -prices.

Table of Content - Laboratory Catalogue PDF
Extract Laboratory catalogue PDF

2. Special courses in Goslar

The association places great importance on initial and further training. We run our own courses in Goslar, Germany in the Educational Centre for Wholesale and Foreign Trade. We publish our own textbook about laboratory devices, "Laborgeräte abc".

3. Specialized software

The association offers is members a special application program called "Labosoft 2010" which is customized to meet the needs of the laboratory branch.


4. Manufacturer's advisory committee

The VGKL maintains a "Manufacturer's committee" composed of 6 members of the association and 6 representatives of the laboratory supplier industry. The task of this committee is to discuss matters of common interest.


5. Circulars

Regular circulars inform VGKL members about important branch-related issues and also about significant wholesale problems.

Example of a Circulars PDF


6. Monthly sales statistics

The association conducts a voluntary survey among its members concerning monthly sales. The information obtained is of great interest to members.

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